Saturday, 22 October 2011

Quick update

Well its be awhile between postings, but things have been progressing well. The design work for the points has been going well. Im now at the stage of talking to different companies on making up the jig.  Hoping to have the first point made by the end of Nov.  Since Spirit design have brought out there much awaited air con pass cars ive been busy putting them togethere.  As always it is a great kit and they look really good.  I will post some photos and blog on what extra bits ive done soon.

One of the major projects ive been working on is the aust-n-rail VR T3 desiel loco. I plan to do a 3 part blog on this loco. The parts will be 1. Super detailing and weathering, 2 Adding marker and headlights, 3. adding sound to the loco.  I hope to have the first part up at the end of next week. Im in the process of making a new lower front ends.

Above in the two photos sits a straight out of the box Aust-n-rail T3 leading a T2 with a 10 wagon cement train in the yard of "Fish Creek'.  Hoppers made spiritdesign.  A few mintues later a fast wheaty pulled by vline B class goes flying through. I wonder if the drivers of the VR loco noticed the new company passing by.