Thursday, 26 January 2012

The T3 has sound!

Well ive nearly finish off the t3 project. After alot of mod work done to the chassis and the shell ive been able to install a loksound micro v4 decorder with a 13mm round speaker. The decorder has had sound from flashed onto the decorder.  The sound has been recorded from the real thing.  Have a look at the growing range of sounds they have on offer.

The chassis needed more work done to it than i first thought with more cutting out and filing away.  The shell also need to be cut out a little bit to make room for the decoder.  The 13mm speaker sits in the cab with the windows left open for the sound to came out.  The speaker is than glued to ONE HALF of the chassis. I nearly fell into the trap of gluing it to both sides of the chassis.  I than solded the wires to the motor and the pick up wires to the chassis.  I have not yet done the headlight or maker lights. Im still working out the best way to mount them. 

The picture above show the mods done to the chassis (the one the right has been modified) After i took that photo i had to fill it down a bit more.  The next photo show the speaker siting in the cab just below the window level. The next photo shows the speaker and decoder installed on the loco.

There are a few problems to fix. The sound volume isn't that loud. I think this is due to the size of the 13mm speaker and the kato mech is very noisie at high speed which i need to look into. Overall im happy with it, ive learnt some new skills and it has been good fun. Now just to do those marker and headlights.
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  1. Nice, been waiting for you to pave the way!