Monday, 10 March 2014

Building the modeling desk Part 2

Well the modelling desk is pretty close to finish now. Just a few minor details need to be done.  The selves went in really nicely and all works well. I just need to add some lights and its all good to go.  I’m really happy with it as has given me heaps of room to do all my modelling.

I recently did another test etch with a different etching solution that i had been reading up on. I’m not happy with the results. It proved to be a very uneven etch and took way to long (20mins). Not all is lost as i got my alignment perfect this time which i was happy about.  With that all happing i wasn’t really sure what to do next, but luckily for me i had a chance to talk to Phil Badger from Badger Bits and he gave me a lesson on how to do. Phil is the guy to talk to about this as he used to teach etching in tafe and has done many etching himself.   He made some great points and i learnt a lot in the 30min chat we had.  So it’s back to the drawing board for a new etching talk which means track work is on the back foot again but hopefully for not long. For some reason I’m really keen to have sleeper plates on my track so i have to get this right before anything else can move along. Very frustrating, but I’m sure the results will pay off with some very nice and once off looking track.

In other news I’ve been working on several different 3D printing parts as well, which are looking very nice. I will post some pics of them later on this month.  I thought of getting the sleeper plates 3d printed, but i need them to be brass as it will conduct the power to the rails.   

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