Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aerial Photos

Well today so a trip to Victoria's land authority based in Laverton.  The purpose of this trip was to have a look at some aerial photos of the bendigo yard area. It is a great way to see where things are. eg houses, tress, dams etc.  It was really easy to find the photos i needed. They have a computer based program where you type in the info needed for the serach.  It uses melways or vicroads grid references and than you can tell it which era you need.  It than prints out a list of what film, run, negative number the photos are on. With this you take it to the desk and they will find it for you. 
Once you have it there is a small veiwing area and you can go and sit and look at the photos. The photos are taken from all different altitude ranging from 5700 feet to 22000 feet.

Note: There is a small fee for this but its really cheap.

Now i know which photo i want i will take the negative number and run to a place in Blackburn where they can print off the negative in photo quaitly.  I belive they have all the orgnial negatives there.

Now ive seem some aerial photos i can now finaly finish off the final track plan which will confirm the length of the module and i can start building. YAY. My next post will be on the first stage of construction of the module.  

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