Thursday, 9 August 2012

Track plan done!

Well time has gone so quick the past few months. I finally got a copy of the Aeriel photo of bendigo yard. The best thing about it that it is in colour. In the photo you can see the newly laid track with lovely new ballast (grey area) which makes it stand out. This is going to be a great tool for modelling bendigo. The photo wasn't cheap but worth the money. Ive scan a low res copy so you can get a feel for what the photo provides me. I had to do it in low res to make it Internet friendly. I have also cropped to show just the A box area and to roughly size it make track plan area for the first module.

Click to make bigger

I have now also finish the track plan for the module which now at the printers getting printed off onto a roll. No cutting and joining the paper! I had to make some minor changes to the position of some of the turnouts in the yard in E siding as the aeriel photo showed them space a little bit different to ones on the plans i had. This meant the i will have to extend the module by 100mm but i think its really important to keep all the turnouts within the one module. There is no real spot to split the module without it been over a turnout.

With a bit of luck i will finally able to start the build very soon. Looking forward to construction, giving post on how i do things with lots of pictures.

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