Sunday, 30 September 2012

More Construction

Well more work has been done over the past two weeks with the main level baseboard down and the curved backdrop made. The baseboard is made out of 12mm ply and is just glued and screwed to the frame.  I made sure the screws were countersunked so when the foam goes on top it will be nice level.

Making the curved backdrop
I always wanted to have a curvered backdrop as i thought it made the flow from the back to top look really nice with no 90 degree joining lines at the top.  I always hoped that in the end it will help frame the layout and bring out the detail of the models in front.

The first step was to make the template of the bracket with a curved front.  The hardest part was to choose how much straight to have at the back before the curved started.  After lots of thinking and measuring i went with 160mm. The curve has a 400mm radius. After making the template i than marked out the brackets on 12mm mdf. The bracket were than cut with a jig saw and than sanded smooth.  Once all six were made i the glued and screwed them to the frame.

The backdrop is made out of 3mm mdf.  I found i piece that was 2440mm x 1200m, perfect size. Having this size meant no joining marks in the middle from using two pieces.  Bending the mdf was a effort due to it long length. It would have been easier with two people.  To help bend the mdf i use a little bit of water on the front and back were the mdf was being bent.  This helped to curve the mdf. Be careful tho too much water will destroy the mdf.  Once curved against the brackets i then nail it in place.  Glue was used along the front and once dry the excess mdf was cut off.

I'm very happy the way it has turned out. I was really worried about getting the dimensions right.  It would have been really easy make it look really small.  When you look at the layout at its future eye level height the curve backdrop really makes a fantastic finish.

Whats next?
Next is to finish the backdrop, this will include nail punching the nails, filling the holes, sanding and than painting the backdrop.  I'm really looking forward to putting some colour to the layout.  Also in the mean time I'm going to practise my cloud painting stills and also work on my secret idea i have for the backdrop?????

Once again please feel feel to ask any question or comments or if you have any photos of bendigo in 60's or 70's please email me at

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