Monday, 19 November 2012

Painting a backdrop Part One

Well I've called this part one because it didn't work the first time around.  I'm first to stay that I'm no artist painter but i got this all wrong. Oh well. After doing all the prep working including punching the nails in, filling the holes with filler and than sanding it all back nice an smooth. I used 1200 grit sand paper for that. I was very happy with that result, i had a great surface to use. I than went and under coated it with a 3 and 1paint. Once that was dry and than went to work a painting a faded sky. A faded sky is were the sky gets darker the higher up the backdrop. This is were all the mistakes happen.

1. I used the wrong type of paint. I used house paint.
2. I used a small roller
3. I started at the top and went down. (Darker to light)

Once the paint had dried it was clear that it didn't work the way i wanted it too. It was also clear that i had the wrong shade of blue as well.  So what to do next?  After talking to family members and VNSC members I'm now armed with the right info and tips.  This is what i should have done.

1. Use a artist water based paint with a drying retarder mix in.
2. Use a good brush.
3. Start at the bottom and work my way to the top. (lighter to darker)

Before i can do all that i have to give the backdrop a good sand so that the artist paint can stick to the backdrop. A big job at hand but it will all be worth it in the end. I look forward in posting part two of this with the finished backdrop.  Other projects Ive been working on is a Spirit Design VR Y class brass loco kit. This the first time Ive put a brass loco together. I will post soon on the progress of this kit.

If you have any tips on painting backdrops please email me at or if you have and photos of bendigo yard in the 60 or 70's.

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