Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Update

Well March has been and gone and not much was done on the layout. I had planned to finish off the etching design work and get a test run done, but my PC had other ideas. After the motherboard failed I had no PC for 3 weeks.  With that and other things work etc, I only got around to doing one end of the end plates.

These are fairly easy to make by using 12mm ply wood. The trick is to make two a once so you have one already to go for the next module.  To make the end boards I clamped the ply to the frame and than traced the outline of the land onto the wood.  I than cut and sanded the ply to match the land form. Once I was happy with shape I than glued and screwed the ply onto the frame the same way I did the curved brackets.  There was a small gap between the ply and the foam so I used a little bit of wood filler in the gap and than sanded it back. Once dry the sleepers than can be laid over the top.

With my PC now back im hoping I can finish off these etches and than get into track laying. Looking forward to making and detailing the turnouts and compounds which should provide some really good post. 

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