Friday, 31 May 2013

On the Move

Well its been a huge few months in our personal life with the sell of our house and a purchase of our new home on a very nice 11.5 acres up in Gembrook.  So Bendigo has found its new home, just need to build the shed for it to go in.  So with all the fun of selling the house, no work has happen to Bendigo, but my brain has still been coming up with some new ideas for the layout. 

With the pending move not much work will happing on the layout but more behind the scenes stuff will.  I really need to finish off the etches and than make up the final test parts for all the track work.  Some parts will require some moulding to be done so I will need to learn how to do that. For that will be my main focus of work. Like everyone I also have a pile of half done models that need to be finished off so will try and get them done and posted up onto the blog.

For now I thought I might post just a couple of before and after photos of Bendigo A Box area. The before photos (taken in the 80's) are from and have been used with permission and the after photos were taken by me in Jan 2013. has a large range of photos of stations and yards from the past all over Australia. I also have some photos taken in the 60's but will save them to compare with when ive built more of the layout.
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Bendigo A Box
Same shot but taken back more
Old site with the concrete
steps still in place

Taken from road overpast looking
towards Bendigo (left side of bridge)
Looking the same way towards Bendigo
but on the right hand of bridge
Towards Bendigo A Box
Towards Melbourne

Top end of yard looking
towards Melbourne
Note the buffer stop still there
from above photos

Same of the photos don't match up very well but it gives you an idea of the area anyway. Thanks for looking and im sorry work has been slow but it will all be all worth it in the end. If you have any photo of Bendigo in the 50's, 60's and 70's please let me know at

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