Friday, 9 May 2014

My first 3D print

Well i have got my first 3d print from Shapeways and i'm fairly happy with how it went. There are a few things i need to change i'm always pushing the design rules. A few holes need to be bigger and a couple of items need to be made bigger so they can print.  This is just a quick post just to get some of the photos up. I will do a full review soon. I rushed the paint job, had a few bad brushes and a used a new undercoat. I did't like it so i will go back to my old one. This one was to thick. I wanted to get it reday for a meeting and had very little time this week. As it was only a test piece im not to fussed about it. The signal finial printed in two pieces so i had to glue it back on. Design fault. opppys! Signal lamp has a Nano led in it. Look great when turned on. The rail chair for the turnout im really happy with as well. Anyway here are the pics, more info to come soon. Enjoy

Note The camera picks up the printing layers, but to the eye it had to see them in real life.
Click the pictures to make them bigger
Sorry about the photo placement. I'm still having trouble with the way it is letting place the photos

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