Saturday, 9 August 2014

What August already

Time is flying again! Ive been doing some more work on the 3D printed signals i'm nearly ready to go into full production. I'm still working on ways to make the moving parts work better. I think i will release non moving ones first, that way people can start to enjoy my signal. I think there will be only a few that will want to try and have moving signals. For now getting the moving parts installed in the final position is still a bit fiddly which im trying to improve on. I've got a few idea just have to see if they will print out ok.

My last print from Shapeways was a bad one. Something happen when i uploaded the file and the items did not print ok. I was also doing a test on the windows and when they came back to me the windows were all filled in. The signal mast had a bend and a twist as well.

Etching, I'm hoping to get back into this sometime this week or next. I'm using some different brass sheets from before that will arrival this week. I think i know what was going wrong in the last lot of testing. Once i get this right i will go into track laying mode. YAY Its been a long wait, but it will be worth it in the end.

Below are some shots take from a friends layouts which is still under construction. The standard of work is very high. Something i hopping to do. The scenery is just brilliant but the work under the bench is just as good. Its a very high tech layout with local panels and also computer interfacing as well and very neat wiring to go with it all.
 Please enjoy. Click the pics to make bigger

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